shaping tomorrow
by innovating today

The Fisker Engineering team is developing innovative electric vehicles that combine high-tech advancements with intuitive simplicity.

We have one definitive mission: to create electric vehicles that break the barriers of cost and range in every segment. We will initially launch a high-tech vehicle in the premium segment. Simultaneously, we are working on a high volume, affordable vehicle utilizing the advanced battery technology from our premium vehicle.

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From Advanced Lithium ion to solid state


Fisker vehicles will have advanced lithium ion technology developed by Fisker and its partners, with a unique battery pack design and manufacturing methodology. Fisker is simultaneously developing a new technology "Flexible solid-state batteries."

We are focused on developing the first automotive battery that will break new ground in:

Electric range

Battery life

Faster charging times

Overall cost reduction

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Provocative Simplicity

The Fisker Vehicles’ Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers seamless interaction that harmoniously facilitates communication between you, your car and the rest of your world. With connectivity comes responsibility. That’s why Fisker has ensured the interface is effortlessly simple and intuitive in function — allowing full concentration on the road ahead.




Blueprints of Innovation

Our engineers have enhanced body construction in several areas by combining advanced materials with the latest optimization software, allowing the creation of dramatic and organic architectures with more spacious and ergonomic interiors.

We are replacing the traditional uni-body and uni-material philosophy with the 'Right Material in the Right Place for the Right Reason'.

This means the most efficient construction is applied incorporating each of the material’s unique properties such as strength, specific stiffness, thermal expansion, and corrosion resistance.

Whilst structural performance and safety requirements naturally remain paramount, our unique way of thinking allows us to reevaluate:

Lightweighting needs

Manufacturing complexity

End cost to the consumer

End of life recyclability




The future, refined

Fisker vehicles feature new technologies specifically adapted to construct breathtaking interiors. Our first expression of this is constructed in materials of the finest quality and raises the ergonomic standards with unique space-saving construction, using a thin floor battery to allow for exceptional rear legroom and headroom.


Function, Reshaped

Fisker Automotive was the very first automaker to revolutionize the electric powertrain layout. This unrivaled experience allows design proportions that reinforce why we continue to lead the industry with stunningly unique aesthetics, that integrate innovative technological features into purpose-driven design. We call this “emotional design”.

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