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A clean future for all.



Become the number 1 e-mobility service provider with the world’s most sustainable vehicles.

About Fisker

"When I started the Fisker brand in 2007, my goal was to create the first truly environmental friendly exciting car company. We did many "first" innovations, such as the first full length curved solar roof, the first vegan interior option, the first reclaimed interior wood and many more. The fast growing unstoppable mindset that believe in saving the planet, is about enhancing our future and living in harmony with nature, while enjoying the creations of mankind. Fisker Inc. was founded in 2016 with the same mindset that together we will truly change the paradigm of mobility, challenging traditional ways to create an amazing future, where mobility is a menu of choices fitting our lifestyles. It's our promise, commitment and passion to deliver the most cutting edge, exciting and revolutionary vehicles!"


Reg Fisker Sign

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and CEO

Established in 2005 and inspired by the iconic California sunset, the Fisker emblem represents power, agility, and beauty. We believe to harness this potential, the designer's pen and engineer's ruler must work in careful balance to achieve a provocative form and function.

Henrik Fisker

Recognized globally as one of the most prolific car designers and entrepreneurs in the automotive industry, Henrik Fisker's design prowess has forged some of the most famous luxury vehicles in the world. Today with Fisker Inc., Henrik is on the forefront of the EV renaissance with a full roadmap of breathtaking and record-setting new vehicles.


Common questions about Fisker answered:

1. How much is a Fisker?

The new Fisker all-electric SUV will be around $40,000. The original Fisker Karma was priced around $100,000+ when it was in production.

2. Is Fisker still in business?

Fisker Inc. is currently in business and is the brand continuation of Fisker Automotive.

3. Is Fisker a public company?

Fisker Inc. is a private held company.

4. Does the Fisker Karma use gas?

The Fisker Karma was the worlds first premium electric vehicle with a range extender (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle). Meaning it is able to switch from electric to a gasoline generator creating electricity.
The Fisker SUV will be all-electric, no gasoline involved.

5. Who makes the Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma was originally made by Fisker Automotive and is no longer in production. Fisker Automotive is no longer in business and the Fisker brand has been continued by Fisker Inc., which will launch a range of new electric vehicles starting in 2021.

6. Does the Fisker Karma have solar panels?

The Fisker Karma had the world's first full length solar panel roof.

7. Is Karma a Fisker?

Karma Automotive is a new company owned by a Chinese Group, Waxiang. Fisker Inc. had no affiliation with Waxiang. For questions about the original Fisker Karma click here.

8. How much is a Fisker Karma?

The Fisker Karma is no longer for sale.

9. Is Fisker a publicly traded company?

Fisker Inc. is a privately held company.

10. Who owns Fisker?

Fisker Inc. is majority owned by the Fisker family.

11. How much is Fisker worth?

Fisker Inc. is a privately held company.