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Fisker unveils plans for $40,000 electric SUV to compete with Tesla Model Y

Posted by SASHA LEKACH on Mar 20, 2019 12:00:36 PM

Mashable Article by SASHA LEKACH

Several years ago, Fisker was considered a viable Tesla competitor — but after problems with its Karma electric luxury sedan, it slipped out of the limelight. 

But on Monday, the company from iconic car designer Henrik Fisker, announced it was ready to take on Tesla again. It unveiled an unnamed electric SUV priced at $40,000. It's supposed to be the first of three "affordable" electric vehicles coming from the car maker.

Although details are scarce this early in the process, Fisker made the announcement just days after Tesla unveiled its Model Y compact SUV. The pricing for Tesla's newest car? It starts at $39,000. 

Fisker plans for the car to officially launch in 2021 and is targeting — just like the Model Y — a 300-mile range on a single charge. A four-wheel drive version with two electric motors will be available, like Tesla's dual motor version of the Model 3.

More details like the name, final look of the SUV, and exact pricing will come by the end of this year. Reservations for the car will be available closer to the production date. 

Also like Tesla, Fisker is figuring out manufacturing plans, but will select a facility within the U.S. The Model 3 is made at Tesla's Fremont factory, while the Model Y may be assembled in the Nevada Gigafactory.

Fisker's EMotion luxury sedan — considered a Model S competitor — is the company's "flagship" car, and is expected to go 500 miles on a single charge. It'll be the first car to feature the company's solid-state batteries instead of typical lithium-ion batteries. Fisker anticipates charging times dropping to just minutes. 

The EMotion was first shown at CES last year, but the release date of the car with its signature butterfly doors (take that falcon wings!) is still unclear. The priority is to get the more affordable EVs made and available first.

Fisker also plans to release its Orbit driverless shuttle later this year.

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Fisker Electric SUV priced under $40,000.

Posted by Fisker Inc on Mar 20, 2019 11:43:59 AM

Fisker Inc. Reveals Stunning All-Electric SUV Design, Priced Below $40,000

  • Dramatically sculpted vehicle is set to #ReinventTheSUV with a futuristic, elegant muscular look – to be launched in the second half of 2021
  • Emotion-stirring design is combined with a technologically advanced, intuitive user experience and a target range of close to 300 miles to make EVs as practical, desirable and attainable as ever
  • The luxurious SUV is the first in an upcoming lineup of three affordable all-electric vehicles created by world-renowned American automotive industry design icon, Henrik Fisker


  • Fisker Inc. – designer and manufacturer of the world’s most desirable electric vehicles, breakthrough automotive technology and advanced mobility solutions – is releasing early details on a stunning new all-electric SUV design, priced below $40,000 (U.S.) and set to launch in the second half of 2021.
  • #ReinventTheSUV: The all-electric luxury vehicle is shattering old notions of what an SUV can be. World-renowned American automotive design icon, Henrik Fisker, sculpted a futuristic, elegant muscular EV with clean surfaces and a dramatic shape. The affordable mass market vehicle features captivating design touches that have been traditionally reserved for supercars in the past.

Passion In the Details:

  • Future-forward technologies are now an integral part of the SUV’s design. A small, center high-mounted radar – behind glass – replaces a traditional grill, which is no longer a necessity on an EV.
  • A parametric pattern dominates the lower front, where air cooling is directed only as needed.
  • Lower body aerodynamic features add more stimulating visuals.
  • Never-Before-Seen, High-Tech User Experiences:
  • With the touch of a button, an extended open-air atmosphere will be made possible without compromising the rugged and safe structural integrity of an SUV.
  • The vastly spacious interior is complemented by a modern aesthetic and high-quality materials.
  • Dashboard features will include a large heads-up display and a unique, intuitive user interface that will control some of the latest emerging in-vehicle technologies.

Cutting-Edge Options and Performance:

  • Available in four-wheel drive with two electric motors – one at the front and one at the rear.
  • The all-electric SUV will come standard with an extended range (target of approximately 300 miles), enabled by an enhanced +80 KWh lithium-ion battery pack. More details will be released closer to launch.
  • Optional 22-inch wheels.

Pricing and Sales:

  • Set at a base price below $40,000 (U.S.), final pricing and a drivable prototype is anticipated to be revealed by the end of 2019.
  • Fisker is set to sell direct to consumers. A nationwide concierge service model is also in development for a superior user and maintenance experience.
  • The company will begin accepting early deposits closer to the start of production. More information on timelines, as well as a website link, will be shared at a later date.


  • Fisker Inc. is currently finalizing the selection of a facility, located in the United States, to produce the all-electric SUV.

The First of Three All-New, Mass Market Vehicles:

  • The company is actively engaged in the development of a larger line-up of affordable, luxurious and technologically advanced electric vehicles – with the SUV launching first.
  • The previously unveiled Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan, the brand’s low-volume flagship model, will now be introduced to the market after an affordable model becomes available. As the ultimate symbol of future emerging technologies, the high-end EMotion will retake the stage as patented Fisker Solid-State Battery technology becomes ready for vehicle application and commercialization. More information and timelines will be released at a later date.


· “Our team set out on a mission to create an affordable EV that’s more exciting and emotion-stirring than what the market has been offering. We’re now excited to be introducing a vehicle that truly reinvents the SUV. At an affordable price point, starting below $40,000, we’re delivering a desirable, luxuriously rugged and green vehicle – complete with unique new experiences and technologies – that’s accessible to people across the USA and the world.

· While other manufacturers have introduced beautiful, high-performance electric cars with high price tags, the real race is about who can deliver a truly high-volume, affordable, yet desirable EV – produced through a unique, profitable business model. The Fisker team is thrilled to be playing a leading role in that revolution. The future success of EVs relies on creating an emotional connection with the consumer – in addition to longer range and more practicality for the wider market. Our affordable SUV will be powered by an enhanced +80 KWh lithium-ion battery pack that pushes the limit – with a range of close to 300 miles.

· At the same time, we’re investing heavily into next generation technologies, highlighted by our patented Fisker Solid-State Battery technology. Our team of scientists have been working tirelessly within our in-house labs, with remarkable results to date as we move toward vehicle testing with partners next year. We believe that super luxury vehicles must offer the absolute latest in emerging technologies. Our flagship, low-volume EMotion luxury electric sedan will be the first model to feature Fisker Solid-State batteries, targeted to deliver more than 500 miles of range with a single, quick charge.”


· For inquiries, please contact fisker@GoDRIVEN360.com.

About Fisker Inc.

California-based Fisker Inc. is revolutionizing the automotive industry by developing the most emotionally desirable electric vehicles complemented with the longest range and shortest charging times on earth. As a leading force in influencing mass market electrification across the globe, the company’s scientific breakthroughs include the patented Fisker Flexible Solid-State Battery – ushering in a new era in fast charging, safety and range.

The brainchild of EV pioneer and world-leading automotive designer, Henrik Fisker, Fisker Inc.’s mission is to set a new standard of excellence and performance in the electric vehicle industry and mobility services – developing unique, high-performance electric vehicles that feature the latest in emerging technologies and exciting user experiences. To learn more, visit www.FiskerInc.com.

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