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Smart mobility firm selects Game of Thrones actor as strategic partner

Posted by Fisker Inc on Sep 12, 2019 8:52:44 AM

September 12, 2019


Image credit: Stock

Advanced mobility solutions firm Fisker Inc is partnering with Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to bring the most sustainable, affordable and premium mobility to market.
Coster-Waldau is pioneering his work as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador for climate change and larger social issues, where he travels all over the world to actively participate in many projects.
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The actor will serve as a key partner and sustainability advisor to company Chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, in helping to create a future where advanced, affordable, electric mobility serves as a model for the future of transportation.

The CEO and the actor connected over a tweet and their passion for sustainability.
The two are working together to ensure Fisker can fulfil as many of the United Nation’s sustainability goals as possible.
The news comes at a time the mobility solutions firm is about to complete its affordable, all-electric production-intent SUV prototype.
The EV will be unveiled by the end of this year, will have approximately a 275-300 mile electric range, incorporate recycled plastic from ocean debris, vegan leather, a solar roof in its top model spec and will recycle waste generated during tire manufacturing – which typically gets sent to landfills – for various interior applications.
To break the barrier to EV ownership – the high costs associated with EVs, Fisker is working on a direct-to-consumer smart platform, which may not include sales of its vehicles.
Coster-Waldau, commented: “Mass vehicle electrification around the world will make an immense impact on the fight to combat climate change. And although we’ve progressed, there’s still a long way to go. Henrik Fisker’s vision to help spark wider adoption of electric vehicles is unique – combining the most sustainable materials and manufacturing with his globally renowned design touch to bring emotionally appealing vehicles to the mass market. I’m delighted to embark on a journey to deliver more beautiful vehicles for a more beautiful world.”

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Henrik Fisker teases possible open-sky option for upcoming electric SUV. Those are some fancy lookin' switches.

Posted by Fisker Inc on Aug 6, 2019 5:01:03 PM


Enlarge Image

Will it be the hardtop equivalent of a landaulet, or will it be something closer to what the Jeep Wrangler offers?

Henrik Fisker via Twitter

If famed car designer Henrik Fisker isn't careful, he's liable to throw out so many teasers for his upcoming electric SUV that we'll be able to piece the thing together before its official unveiling. His latest finally takes us inside the EV ute, but it only focuses on a single piece of switchgear.

Henrik Fisker on Monday teased yet another feature of his forthcoming battery-electric crossover. The teaser, which came from Fisker's Twitter account, shows what appears to be part of the overhead switchgear inside the vehicle. There are the usual buttons for map lights, in addition to a toggle between the two that shows a typical sunroof control.

But Fisker is Fisker, and true to form, it appears that the toggle in question isn't for a typical sunroof at all. In his tweet, Fisker referred to it as a "California package!" He claims it can open all the way up without requiring a soft top, which the designer believes is a first for an SUV.

It's likely similar to the retractable roof on the new Jeep Wrangler, which can fully retract with the push of a button, offering an experience similar to removing hard roof panels by hand. But the Wrangler does it with fabric, whereas Fisker's SUV appears to do it with a regular ol' hard roof. By the looks of the button in question, it probably won't turn the vehicle into a proper convertible, but nevertheless it will be interesting to see how those hard panels contort to offer all that sunshine.

Fisker aims to get his electric SUV in buyers' hands in 2021, although a drivable prototype is believed to debut later this year. The designer claims the car will start under $40,000, with an electric range of about 300 miles. It'll have a solar roof, although it's unclear if this option will be available in conjunction with the roof mentioned here, because the solar-roof teaser shows what appears to be a norma ol' sunroof. Fisker also claims that the car's interior will make use of recycled materials for extra green cred. We should hopefully know more within a few months.


Here's a shot of the front end from late in July, in case you missed it.

Henrik Fisker via Twitter

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Fisker teases electric SUV's front end, promises recycled materials inside

Posted by Fisker Inc on Jul 25, 2019 11:27:22 AM

Henrik Fisker maintains the car's starting price will be below $40,000.

Road/Show by CNET article by ANDREW KROK

Henrik Fisker via Twitter

Henrik Fisker has taken the slow-burn approach to introducing his new electric SUV. We've seen a series of design teasers, most of which have come directly from the famed car designer's Twitter account, and what do you know, that's where the latest teaser has come from, too.

Henrik Fisker on Saturday posted a new picture of his upcoming EV SUV's front end to his Twitter account. While we've seen this part of the car in teasers before, they were limited to design mockups. This, however, appears to be its production-ready form. It's not much different from the previews, with some interesting angles on the hood and lower bumper. There's also a trick daytime running light design from LEDs in both the headlights and the bumper.

In addition to the picture, Fisker said in the tweet that his company hopes to make "the world's most sustainable vehicle." In addition to a starting price below $40,000, Fisker claims that the interior is mighty spacious and makes use of recycled materials. In a reply to a different person's tweet, Fisker said he's keeping the interior a secret until its proper unveiling, which is scheduled for later this year.

Thus far, we still don't know much about Fisker's new EV. We know there will be a turn signal in the D-pillar, as well as a solar roof, and based on the few teasers we've seen, it's clear that the SUV will rock a shape that's at least a little bit blocky. It's believed to have a range north of 300 miles, but any mention of range should wait until the EPA or WLTP has the chance to test it. Fisker hopes to have the car on sale in 2021. 

Henrik Fisker via Twitter

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Fisker Drops New Teasers Of Its Electric SUV

Posted by Fisker Inc on Jun 28, 2019 4:32:30 PM

Motor1 article by ANTHONY KARREditor

The model will feature a full-length solar roof.

The teasing game for Fisker’s production, all-electric SUV continues with two new teaser images. Through the voice of its ideologist and CEO, Henrik Fisker, the company reaffirms the vehicle will make its public debut in December this year.

One of the very important features the SUV will have is the full-length solar roof which can be seen in one of the new teaser images (see the lead image of this article). The rendering also hints the raised zero-emissions machine will have prominent fenders that, according to Henrik Fisker, belong to a supercar.

“Fisker was the first in the world to introduce a full-length #Solar roof: we will do it again on our SUV,” Fisker says in his latest Facebook post.

It will be interesting to see whether this will be an openable roof panel as in a previous post, Fisker hinted the vehicle will have an “extended open-air atmosphere” available at the touch of a button.

Fisker electric SUV teaser

In older posts, Fisker also revealed the starting price of the yet unnamed model will be below $40,000 with sales starting around 2021. The company will follow the same selling strategy model as Tesla - setting up stores to sell the cars directly to the customers instead of going through dealerships.

“The world’s most sustainable vehicle! The Fisker all-electric SUV will feature new recycled materials from ocean debris and other recycled materials! It’s not just another EV. We want to change the world! Let’s do it.”

Some of the previously released teaser images revealed the SUV will feature turn signals mounted on the D-pillars, as well as pop-out door handles surrounded by an illuminated strip. According to preliminary details, the maximum range between two charges will be approximately 300 miles (483 kilometers) thanks to an 80-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Two electric motors will motivate the SUV providing an all-wheel-drive setup.


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Fisker electric SUV teaser shows off a unique D-pillar turn signal

Posted by Fisker Inc on Jun 28, 2019 4:28:06 PM

Road/Show by CNET article by ANDREW KROK

This is the first time we've seen anything of its rear end.

Henrik Fisker via Twitter

Henrik Fisker is determined to make it happen again. After launching the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma, and subsequently abandoning the project and off-loading its IP to the group that eventually started Karma Automotive, the automotive designer is preparing to launch his next vehicular venture. We've only seen hints of the front end, but now, it's time to take a look 'round back.

Henrik Fisker this week tweeted out a teaser for his upcoming electric SUV. It's the first time we've seen even part of the rear end, and it looks pretty interesting, especially the body line that rises well above the shoulder line as it works its way back toward the D-pillar. The roof looks to have a bit of a fastback angle to it, and the taillights (what we can see, at least) look plenty slim.

The most interesting bit, however, is an integrated turn signal in the D-pillar. According to Fisker's tweet, it's meant to "provide extra safety when you change lanes." Additional lane-change signals are not necessarily new, but the overwhelming majority of them are slapped on the side-view mirrors. This is a unique location to put a marker, considering turn signals are usually integrated into the taillight structure.

So far, we've only seen hints of the unnamed SUV's front end. It's an interesting look, with headlights that have more than a hint of Range Rover in them, with some properly bulky fenders and bumpers that give the ute a little more rugged look than one might expect from a tech-forward electric vehicle. It's unclear when we'll get to see the whole thing, but given Fisker's timeline, it shouldn't be too far down the road.

Fisker first announced his intention to build an electric SUV in March. He estimates that the car will have an all-electric range north of 300 miles, yet its price tag is aiming below $40,000, which would make it one heck of a deal. The hope is that it'll come out in 2021, but before that, a drivable prototype is expected to make an appearance before the end of this year.

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