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Charged and Ready to Go
Charge at home

For most EV owners, up to 80% of EV charging is done at home. With the Fisker Pulsar Plus, you can conveniently plug in while you sleep and wake up charged and ready to go.

Fisker and Wallbox have partnered to bring you a trusted home charging solution that's compact, fast, and future-ready. Designed for smart EV charging, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus combines minimalist design, weather-proof durability, and powerful charging, making it the perfect level 2 charging companion for plugging in at home.

Installation Made Simple

For professional installation, we suggest utilizing the local services recommended or provided by COIL, a third-party installation service provider. To order your home charger or learn more about scheduling home installation, click the link below.

Electricity Is Everywhere
Charge on the go

Stay charged wherever you go. Use public chargers at shopping centers, restaurants, campgrounds, or almost anywhere you regularly visit to keep your Fisker EV charged while you're out.

Fisker and ChargePoint have partnered to make it easier than ever for you to Live Electric, with more than 210,000 active ports, 16,700 DC fast charge ports, and over 400,000 roaming ports. Use the ChargePoint app, or your vehicle's HMI, to conveniently filter for available chargers, activate charging, or manage payments from one account.


Find local charging near you.

Fisker makes it easy for drivers to access ChargePoint’s industry-leading network of Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast chargers, which together encompass more than 80% of public charging locations in North America.


Compact. Powerful. Best of both worlds.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a level 2 home charger capable of delivering an adjustable power capacity from 16A to 40A. With its advanced features, efficient design, and connected capabilities, the Pulsar Plus is the perfect solution for charging your Fisker Ocean at home.

Where can 360 miles take you?

Fisker harnesses the latest and most innovative technologies to produce a powerful and responsive high-performance SUV capable of driving from L.A. to San Jose or Philly to Boston with range to spare.

Fast & High Power Charging

When you are looking to explore beyond your battery range in a single drive, DC fast charging stations are conveniently located along major highways and within most metropolitan areas. High Power DC Fast Chargers can quickly replenish your battery, getting you back on the road with minimal downtime.

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