Fisker Inc. l Fisker Ocean

Version FM29 OS 1.07/ICC27

This software update includes feature improvements, bug fixes, and performance enhancements to improve the functionality of your Fisker Ocean. Below is a brief rundown of notable improvements included in this update. For reference, previous release notes are included below.

What’s included in Version FM29 OS 1.07/ICC27 (ICC number did not change this release):

  • System improvements to enhance California Mode performance and consistency

  • Enhanced support and functionality for future OTA (Over-the-Air) releases

  • OTA update support for future motor control system releases*

  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

*Not available as an OTA update and may require the assistance of a Fisker tech specialist for implementation. Please refer to the corresponding email for this release (FM29 OS 1.07) for more information and instructions.

Previous updates:

Version FM29 OS 1.06:

  • Enhanced climate control efficiencies when driving in extreme weather conditions

  • Improvements to in-cabin fog prevention system

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance key fob battery life

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance key fob detection for a more robust vehicle startup experience

  • Other key fob responsiveness and functionality improvements

  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version FM29 OS 1.05:

  • Front windshield camera performance enhancements

  • Enhancements to increase performance, stability, and diagnostics of FiPilot features

  • Driver Display system messaging enhancements

  • Increased stability and performance when switching drive modes

  • Radio performance enhancements

  • Enhanced experience for future OTA software releases 

  • Bluetooth stability and connectivity enhancements and bug fixes

  • Climate control syncing and vent system bug fixes

  • In-cabin device charging enhancements

  • Vehicle startup performance enhancements

  • Feature improvements for vehicle navigation 

  • General performance enhancements for vehicle diagnosis, repair, and stability 

  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Version FM29 OS 1.03:

What’s Included in this Update?

  • Network enhancements to improve vehicle access (entering and exiting the vehicle)

  • General infotainment system updates to enhance location services, response times, and connectivity

  • California Mode enhancements

  • Vehicle clock enhancements