World’s most sustainable vehicle

All-Electric, Zero-Emissions, with vegan interior and recycled materials throughout, we invite you to experience the world’s greenest car. Get 250-300 miles range on a single charge with in-app charging stations map.

Starting at $379 /mo FLEXEE Payment

Due after subscription commencement in 2022

No Hidden Costs

Includes full service and maintenance

Flexible Term

Cancel anytime with no long-term commitment

Direct Delivery

Arriving in 2022

High Mileage Allowance

30,000 miles per year with monthly rollover

One-Time Initiation & Activation

Starting at $2,999 due at subscription

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Reserve your

fisker ocean


Your deposit can also be applied towards the purchase of a vehicle.

Our team is working on syncing the website reservations with the app. We recommend you download and make a reservation on our app below:

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