Fisker Ocean
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    Hello, we’re Fisker. We want
    to change the way you move.

    We want to help you get from A to B with beauty and purpose. We want to electrify you in ways that go beyond plugging into a wall, helping you to not only get where you’re going, but consider the world around you along the way.

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    Meet the Ocean - not just an EV, but a tech romance between machine and planet, with vegan interior and upcycled materials like recycled fishing nets and fibers derived from worn-out t-shirts. Heck, even the sunroof is solar. Yeah, we went there.

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    Over the hills. Through the woods. 250-350 miles per charge we go.

    You’ve got places to go and things to see. Go forth. See plenty. With the Ocean’s in-app charging stations map, you’re plugged into everything, from dipping its highly-capable tread in the sand to hugging asphalt in the s-curves.

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    Drop the glass. And the mic.
    All at the touch of a button.

    With our patented California mode, nine glass panes lower in a symphony of open air movement. Bring in sun and sky, while maintaining a safe cocoon-like structure. Even your surfboard gets some air, passing through the rear window.

We make this sustainability thing look good.
Form follows function into the Ocean, with thoughtfully luxurious spaces crafted from recycled materials and comfortable seating for five adults. Hop in.
Henrik Fisker
Even our lease is high design.

Come as you are. Go as you please. Our Fisker Flexee Lease moves with you, doing away with long-term commitments. We remove the stress of restrictive limits with a 30,000 mile annual driving allowance. You are free to take the Ocean where you please and return it when you please. Zero penalties. No, that's not a typo. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

fisker ocean coming soon
Beautifully considered for all.
Planned production starting 2022.
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