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Henrik Fisker’s commitment to beauty, innovation, and clean mobility drives us at Fisker Inc. 

There are people who have the rare ability to look into the future and see what others do not see. Legendary car-designer Henrik Fisker is one of those deeply imaginative thinkers. An automotive pioneer and tech innovator, Henrik has designed some of the most iconic vehicles ever made, from a legendary sports car driven by James Bond to his latest creation, the all-electric Fisker Ocean. 

Designed from start to finish by Henrik and his world-class team, the Fisker Ocean zero-emissions SUV is ready to disrupt the automotive world through its beautiful craftsmanship, ingenious engineering, innovation, affordability, and sustainability. Are you ready for your all-electric future? 





There’s no formula for great design

When you see the sculpted beauty and dramatic stance of a vehicle designed by Henrik Fisker for the first time, it stops you in your tracks. The contours, proportions, and lines flow together in perfect harmony, designed to spark that moment when your heart beats a little faster.

There’s something powerfully emotional about a Fisker design. You know it when you feel it.

Henrik Fisker’s guiding philosophy of combining timeless design and masterful artistry with world-class technology inspires every vehicle our designers and engineers bring to life.


Time to put people and planet first

We’re on a journey to a clean future for all – and we invite you along for the ride. We see a future where skies are blue, the air is pure, and your conscience is clear whenever you go out for a drive in your Fisker EV. Our mission is to create the most sustainable vehicles on Earth.  

We put people and planet first in everything we do – whether it’s sourcing from responsible suppliers, creating a solar roof, or using upcycled sustainable materials. We use less, use better, and use again. It’s the Fisker Way. 


Reimagining the way we move

True innovation flows through the heart of everything we do at Fisker. No matter what we create – every design, every feature, every technology – we are passionately driven to make things better.  

Driver-centric and all-electric, we use advanced and upgradable technologies to make eco-friendly driving more engaging, more connected, and more enjoyable in every way.  

We’re not just revolutionizing zero-emission personal mobility, we’re making it easier to access. Through Fisker’s innovative digital-forward ownership experience, we’re connected with you every step of the way. 

Configure Your Fisker Ocean

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