Our Values

Environmental and Social Responsibility is “the green thread” running through everything we do.

It is the guiding principle for designing our vehicles, sourcing our materials, and manufacturing our products. It’s the promise we will deliver every day to our customers when they drive our electric vehicles.

How do we meet our mobility needs as a society, without causing harm to the planet and impacting future generations?

By using less, using better, and using again.
By building electric vehicles sustainably for our community.

Learn more about Fisker's commitment to creating a climate neutral vehicle by 2027.


A cleaner future for all.


Create the world’s most emotional and sustainable vehicles.
Henrik Fisker
Our Conduct

Our company and our actions best serve our stakeholders when we make every decision mindful of:

  • The Environmental impact of how we make our products, because how it’s made matters.
  • The Social impact of how we run our business and treat our employees, partners, and customers.
  • The transparent and trustworthy Governance of our company and business practices.

Our Responsible Supplier Policy (RSP) defines our strong performance requirements and guidelines in Labor, Ethics, and Environmental impact.


Lower our
Environmental Impact
  • We limit the energy and resources used to make and distribute products. We design our processes to minimize environmental impact.
  • We sustainably source and select our materials.
  • We optimize for minimizing carbon emissions.
  • We design our vehicles for both performance and resource efficiency.
  • We hold our suppliers to the highest standards to avoid waste.
MakE a Positive
Social Impact
  • We continually consider our impact on communities where we do business and behave as a responsible member of our local community.
  • We value diversity and inclusion, and we prize our diverse workforce and board of directors.
  • We require our suppliers to uphold the highest standards of labor practices.
  • We approach relationships with people and institutions with respect and the highest ethical standards.
CreatE an Ethical and Transparent
Governance Structure
  • We meet or exceed legal standards in all our practices, controls, and procedures.
  • We regularly re-evaluate our performance standards, both by our executive representation and by our board of directors. We run our company ethically, honestly and with transparency.
  • We use proven and trustworthy partners for compliance and financial reporting.
  • We will evolve and advance our guidelines appropriately as our business grows.

Our Purpose

Our ESG purpose infuses sustainability and social responsibility into every decision we make, in order to make the world’s most sustainable electric vehicles.

Sustainability flows from an understanding of inputs and outputs and minimizing both.

Social responsibility means conducting ourselves with respect for our local community and ethically in our business.

Henrik Fisker

Our Promise

We weave passion and sustainability into everything we make.

We deliver an exciting driving experience in alignment with nature, and not at nature’s expense.

We act responsibly as we change the way we produce, own, and use vehicles.

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