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Frequently Asked Questions

Fisker Ocean One

How will I know what individual vehicle number I will receive? 

Only 5,000 exclusive Launch Edition vehicles will be made world-wide, each numbered in series from #1 – #5,000. Individual vehicle numbers will be assigned once vehicles are scheduled for production. More information regarding vehicle production scheduling will be provided later this year. Vehicle delivery timing will be based upon our regional rollout and is not dependent upon the assigned vehicle number. 

When will Fisker invite eligible reservation holders to order the Fisker Ocean One? 

In July 2022, we sold out of the Fisker Ocean One trim. The waitlist is currently closed. 

What are the launch markets for the Fisker Ocean One? 

Fisker Ocean One launch markets: 

Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the 48 continental United States. 

What is the difference between a Fisker Ocean reservation and a Fisker Ocean One order fee? 

Your reservation fee is the $250 USD that you initially paid to secure your place in line for a Fisker Ocean. Your order fee is the $5,000 fee that you pay to secure a Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition. 
When you secure your Fisker Ocean One, you will have paid $5,250 total. 

My Fisker Ocean One order payment is processing, do I lose my place in line? 

Fisker will reserve your place in line while your payment is being processed. 

What happens if my payment is declined? 

If your payment is declined before your 7-day window expires, you will still be eligible to secure your Fisker Ocean One. However, we cannot guarantee that Fisker Ocean One inventory will be available due to the expected high demand for the Fisker Ocean One. If your payment is declined after your 7-day window, you will return to your position in the queue and will be invited to select an Extreme, Ultra or Sport trim when it becomes available. 

What happens if I do not complete my Ocean One payment by the 7-day window? 

You will return to your position in the queue and will be invited to select an Extreme, Ultra or Sport trim when they become available. 

Will I keep my place in line if I wait to order a different trim? 

Yes, you will still retain your spot in the original Fisker Ocean reservation line. 

How do I cancel my Ocean One order? 

You may cancel your Fisker Ocean One order by canceling your order via your Fisker account on your desktop, mobile app, or by emailing Per the order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase your Fisker Ocean One, we will retain the $5,000 order deposit paid. If you cancel after Fisker has notified you that the vehicle has begun the transportation process, we will also retain the transportation fee. 

Can I modify my Ocean One trim selection if I change my mind? 

You can cancel your Fisker Ocean One order and maintain an active reservation for the selection of a different trim. Per the order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase your Fisker Ocean One at any time prior to delivery, we will retain your deposit and any transportation fee paid to us. 

Can I change my order configuration for the Ocean One? 

You may change your configuration up until your Build Lock date. At that point in time your order will be sent to our carbon-neutral manufacturing facility. We will notify you two weeks, then seven days and then 24-hours prior to your scheduled Build Lock date. 

Will my Fisker Ocean One require “over-the-air" (OTA) software updates?

We are incorporating exciting, innovative, and sophisticated new software features into the Fisker Ocean. Upon delivery of your vehicle, some of the software features for your vehicle trim level may not be immediately enabled but as they become available, your vehicle will be updated “over the air” (OTA) and free of charge. Fisker is committed to ensuring you have an incredible experience with your vehicle and as a result, we will continue to make innovative software updates “over the air” (OTA) during the time you own your vehicle, subject to hardware compatibility. 

When will I receive my Fisker Ocean One? 

Delivery dates are dependent upon your order date and location. Deliveries are staged pursuant to market region (please see FAQ re: launch markets) and we expect deliveries in all markets to be completed by the end of fall 2023. As we get closer to production, we will send you more information on delivery options and schedules, and more exciting information about your all-electric, zero-emissions future with the Fisker Ocean One. 

Where can I view my reservation and order payment details? 

You can view your reservation and order details by signing-in to your Fisker account and selecting My Fisker in the top menu option. You will then select Reservations to see your reservation and order details. 

How will I apply for financing through Fisker? 

Customers can apply for financing through the Fisker App or Website. Fisker has nominated JP Morgan Chase and Santander Bank as our retail financing partners to provide competitive vehicle loan offers to Fisker customers in the United States and European launch countries respectively. Fisker is diligently working towards nominating a financing partner in the near future for the Canadian market. 

How will the Fisker Ocean be delivered? 

In locations where direct ordering is an option, customers can choose vehicle pick-up at select locations or a concierge service to deliver vehicles directly to their homes. Otherwise, customers who purchase through a dealer will receive their vehicles in the manner arranged with that individual business.

Why do some people have earlier lock dates when they ordered at the same time? 

Lock dates may vary based on multiple factors, such as the region you live in, proximity to delivery hubs, or the trim selected for your order. 

Why is there a waitlist for the Fisker Ocean One? 

We opened a waitlist due to the overwhelming demand for the Fisker Ocean One in our launch markets. In the event that we receive a Fisker Ocean One order cancellation, Fisker will offer the next waitlist customer the opportunity to place a $5,000 nonrefundable order deposit. 

If I am on the waitlist, do I lose my spot for the Sport / Ultra / Extreme? 

If you choose to join the Fisker Ocean One waitlist, you will still retain your spot in the original Fisker queue for a Sport, Ultra, or Extreme. 

Can I give my place in line to someone else who wants a Fisker Ocean One? 

Waitlist positions for the Fisker Ocean One are non-transferable. 

What countries are eligible for the waitlist? 

The waitlist is only available in the Fisker Ocean One launch markets: United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. 

How do I join the waitlist for Fisker Ocean One?

The Fisker Ocean One waitlist is currently closed. Should a Fisker Ocean One become available, in an eligible launch market, reservation holders may receive an email inviting them to order an Ocean One. 

I was invited to order from the waitlist, is my deposit refundable? 

Order deposits for the Fisker Ocean One are non-refundable in North America. 

For the waitlist, do I get to configure my own vehicle, or do I have to select from an already configured vehicle? 

Depending upon the order that was canceled, the specifications of the vehicle may or may not be changeable. The waitlist customer will have the opportunity to accept or decline the order. 

When can I expect delivery if I join the waitlist for a Fisker Ocean One? 

Upon joining the waitlist, you will be notified if a vehicle becomes available for you. Deliveries are staged pursuant to market region (please see FAQ regarding launch markets). We expect most deliveries to be completed in the first half of 2023, with all deliveries to be completed by the end of Fall. 

If I already converted my reservation to an order, am I still eligible to be on the waitlist? 

Yes. Should you place a firm order for one of the other trims, you will not lose your place on the waitlist for the Ocean One. 

How long will I have before my order window closes? 

If a customer is advised that a Fisker Ocean One is available, there is a 5-day window to order. After 5 days we will move on to the next customer on the waitlist queue. 

Can I remove options, accessories or other equipment on a preexisting build? 

If you are selecting a vehicle that is a preexisting build, accessories and other equipment cannot be removed from the vehicle. 

As a Fisker Ocean One owner, what are my exclusive benefits?

With your launch-edition Fisker Ocean One, you enjoy this exclusive package of benefits, discounts, and free services uniquely connected to your vehicle:

  • Free vehicle infotainment system upgrades: Every upgrade to your infotainment system—including the next generation ICC chip at a currently estimated worth of $2,995 —is free for you. We expect this chip to be available in the 1st half of 2025.

  • Free OTA (over the air) upgrades: Additionally, select new features that we OTA are completely complimentary on your Fisker Ocean One during your vehicle’s life (contingent upon hardware compatibility),

  • Lifetime Complimentary Premium Wireless Connectivity: Previously 3 years, the service is now extended through the life of your vehicle, and is expected to be upgraded from 4G to 5G in mid-2024.

  • 10-year hotspot: Your vehicle will be equipped with a hotspot with up to 15gb of free data usage a month, active for a full decade.

  • Early access to new features: You’ll be the first to experience new vehicle features, gaining access to them before any other customers.

  • Extended warranty: You’re getting a one-year/12,000 mile global extension to your Fisker basic warranty, extending your coverage through the first seven years/72,000 miles (whichever occurs first).

  • 4-year/48,000-mile service package: Enjoy our service package that covers repairs on select components of your Fisker Ocean One within the first 4 years or 48,000 miles (whichever occurs first) at no additional cost per the parameters of your service agreement.

  • Free first tire replacement: You will receive a free set of 4 original Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S tires (or equivalent) for your first tire replacement at a Fisker Certified Facility.

  • $1,000 ChargePoint gift card: Charge your Fisker Ocean One for free up to $1,000 at ChargePoint charging stations nationwide. Please note: you must activate your gift card by the end of 2024 for it to remain valid for use. Once activated, the credits will only be applied to one account and are non-transferable.

  • Future benefits that include automatic access to the Fisker Ocean One Membership Club, limited edition Fisker branded merchandise, and invitations to special events and private test drive opportunities for future vehicle models.

When will my Fisker Ocean One owner-exclusive benefits be available to me?

Most of your owner-exclusive benefits are activated when you purchase your vehicle and are already accessible via your Rewards Page. Current exceptions are your ChargePoint gift card and free first tire replacement which will both be available soon.

When your $1000 ChargePoint gift card benefit becomes accessible, you can anticipate being prompted to activate it for a promo code that will be delivered by email.

When your free first tire replacement benefit becomes accessible, activating it will put you in touch with a service advisor who will guide you through ordering your tires & arranging their installation at a Fisker Certified Facility near you.

If I sell my Fisker Ocean One, do my owner-exclusive benefits transfer to the new owner?

Yes. Each Fisker Ocean One owner benefits package is associated with a unique vehicle via its VIN, and any unredeemed benefits will transfer with a sale.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Hardware updates, installation of the free set of tires, and services performed under the extended warranty and service package must be performed at a Certified Fisker Service Center at a previously arranged appointment. The timing of the listed hardware updates is an estimate only. Fisker will inform you at your last known email address when the hardware updates are available. You are responsible for ensuring that Fisker always has your current email address to contact you and that Fisker is in your allowed contact list and not blocked by spam filter or similar software.

  2. Free infotainment system upgrades, OTA upgrades, premium connectivity, and hotspot availability are subject to compatibility of necessary hardware components of the vehicle and availability of third-party connectivity services.

  3. Upgrading from 4G to 5G will require changing hardware and additional antennae installation. This must be performed at a Certified Fisker Service Center at a previously arranged appointment.

  4. The service package is limited to replacement of brakes (pads & rotors), wipers and cabin filters and tire rotations, each at Fisker recommended levels of wear or time interval.

  5. The terms and conditions of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty (located here) apply to the extended warranty and service package. The extended warranty and service package are not available for vehicles utilized in fleet services or as public transport for a fee.

  6. The ChargePoint gift card is subject to the ChargePoint terms and conditions for services and your ChargePoint account.