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Frequently Asked Questions

Fisker Ocean One

How will I know what individual vehicle number I will receive?

Only 5,000 exclusive Launch Edition vehicles will be made world-wide, each numbered in series from #1 – #5,000. Individual vehicle numbers will be assigned once vehicles are scheduled for production. More information regarding vehicle production scheduling will be provided later this year. Vehicle delivery timing will be based upon our regional rollout and is not dependent upon the assigned vehicle number.

When will Fisker invite eligible reservation holders to pre-order the Fisker Ocean One?

Starting July 1, Fisker will be extending invitations in phases organized by reservation date within each launch market. Invited Fisker Reservation holders will have SEVEN (7) days from receipt of their invite to complete their pre-order for the Fisker Ocean One. Invitations will be extended to the next group of reservation holders after THREE (3) days. The reservation opportunity will end immediately upon pre-orders of the Fisker Ocean One reaching 5,000.

What are the launch markets for the Fisker Ocean One?

We are extending invitations to early reservation holders in selected markets for Ocean One: Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The United Kingdom, and The United States.
Ocean One will be available in the following markets according to the subsequent schedule:

  • From November 2022: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The United States

  • From April 2023: France

  • From June 2023: Canada and The United Kingdom

I have a reservation, but I am not based in one of the Fisker Ocean One launch markets. Can I still get a Fisker Ocean One?

The Fisker Ocean One is a limited launch edition that will only be available in selected markets (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, The United States, France, Canada, and United Kingdom). In markets where we launch later you will be able to order the other trims.

What is the difference between a Fisker Ocean reservation and a Fisker Ocean One pre-order deposit fee?

Your reservation fee is the $250 USD that you initially paid to secure your place in line for a Fisker Ocean. Your pre-order deposit fee is the $5,000 fee that you pay to secure a Fisker Ocean One Launch Edition.
When you secure your Fisker Ocean One, you will have paid $5,250 total.

My Fisker Ocean One pre-order payment is processing, do I lose my place in line?

Fisker will reserve your place in line while your payment is being processed.

What happens if my payment is declined?

If your payment is declined before your 7-day window expires, you will still be eligible to secure your Fisker Ocean One. However, we cannot guarantee that Fisker Ocean One inventory will be available due to the expected high demand for the Fisker Ocean One.

If your payment is declined after your 7-day window, you will return to your position in the queue and will be invited to select an Extreme, Ultra or Sport trim when it becomes available.

What happens if I do not complete my Ocean One payment by the 7-day window?

You will return to your position in the queue and will be invited to select an Extreme, Ultra or Sport trim when they become available.

Can I extend my 7-day pre-order window?

An extension past the 7-day pre-order window will not be available as we will then allow subsequent reservation holders to pre-order the car.

Will I keep my place in line if I wait to pre-order a different trim?

Yes. If you are not among the first 5,000 reservation holders to accept this offer to reserve a Fisker Ocean One, you will still retain your spot in the original Fisker Ocean reservation line. We will begin processing reservations for Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ultra, and Sport after the 5,000 Fisker Ocean One pre-orders. Timing for this will be announced on a later date.

How do I cancel my Ocean One Preorder?

You may cancel your Fisker Ocean One preorder by canceling your preorder via your Fisker account on your desktop, mobile app, or by emailing .

Per the pre-order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase your Fisker Ocean One, we will retain the pre-order deposit paid. If you cancel after Fisker has notified you that the vehicle has begun the transportation process, we will also retain the transportation fee.

Can I modify my Ocean One trim selection if I change my mind?

You can cancel your Fisker Ocean One order and maintain an active reservation for the selection of a different trim.

Per the order terms, if you cancel your agreement to purchase your Fisker Ocean One at any time prior to delivery, we will retain your deposit and any transportation fee paid to us as liquidated damages.

Can I change my pre-order configuration for the Ocean One?

You will have a time period to change your configuration and we will notify you in advance of the date upon which your configuration becomes a ‘firm and final order.’ At that point in time Fisker will place it in the production queue. Prior to that date you may also order accessories which may become available.

Will my Fisker Ocean One require “over-the-air" (OTA) software updates?

We are incorporating exciting, innovative, and sophisticated new software features into the Fisker Ocean. Upon delivery of your vehicle, some of the software features for your vehicle trim level may not be immediately enabled but as they become available, your vehicle will be updated “over the air” (OTA) and free of charge. Fisker is committed to ensuring you have an incredible experience with your vehicle and as a result, we will continue to make innovative software updates “over the air” (OTA) during the time you own your vehicle, subject to hardware compatibility.

When will I receive my Fisker Ocean One?

Production of the Fisker Ocean One begins In November 2022. Delivery date is dependent upon your pre-order date and location. Deliveries are staged pursuant to market region (please see FAQ re launch markets) and we expect deliveries in all markets to be completed by the end of September 2023. As we get closer to production, we will send you more information on delivery options and schedules, and more exciting information about your all-electric, zero-emissions future with the Fisker Ocean One.

How do I update my delivery address or other account information?

You can update your delivery address or other account information by signing into your Fisker Account via the mobile app or website. Changes to the delivery location may lead to updated delivery fees, subject to location and availability. The delivery address will need to be secured prior to Fisker sending your order for production.

  • Select the Menu drop-down in the account settings

  • Select Account or Delivery details

  • Update your information

You will have a time period to confirm your delivery address and we will notify you in advance of the date upon which your confirmation becomes a ‘firm and final order’ so that we may place it in the production queue. You will not be able to modify your delivery address once your pre-order is processed for production.

Where can I view my reservation and pre-order payment details?

You can view your reservation and pre-order details by signing-in to your Fisker account and selecting the Account in the top menu option. You will then select Reservations to see your reservation and pre-order details.

How will I apply for financing through Fisker?

Customers can apply for financing through the Fisker App or Website. Fisker has nominated JP Morgan Chase as our retail financing partner to provide competitive vehicle loan offers to Fisker customers at the point of sale for the United States market. Fisker is diligently working towards nominating a financing partner in the near future for the Canadian market.

How will the Fisker Ocean be delivered?

Fisker will coordinate most deliveries for onsite pickups at our Brand Experience Centers and other Fisker locations. Fisker will not have franchise dealers. Fisker will also have an optional concierge service to deliver vehicles directly to our customers (subject to additional fees, location, and availability).

Will the lock-in date shift affect my delivery date?

No, we are still on track to start production on Nov. 17, but we will not be able to provide more specific production or delivery information until production has started. Once we have more information, we will be notifying you with firmer delivery estimates and final delivery dates in your account.

Why do some people have earlier lock dates when they ordered at the same time?

We are still working toward our start of production, and as such, our production planning is still being finalized, but varying lock plans can be the result of multiple factor such as the region you live in and its proximity for delivery or the selected trim package.