Henrik Fisker
How we move through the world matters.

At Fisker, we want to inspire you to move more beautifully, with greater consideration for all.

It’s as simple as that, really.

We aren’t here to add to the noise.

Or to throw something on the ever-growing pile.

We’re not even here to make just another EV.

There’s plenty of companies doing that, frankly.

No, we’re here to do something much, much harder.

We’re here to weave emotion and sustainability into everything we make.

We’re here to reimagine not only how we move through the world, but our place within it.

Yeah, we go big.
The world doesn’t need more things. It needs more things, beautifully considered.
Henrik Fisker
Designed By Henrik

From the hand of Henrik Fisker flows our collective purpose. An automotive icon and tech visionary, Henrik has created some of the most iconic vehicles ever on four wheels, from James Bond’s famed BMW Z8 to his latest disruption, the revolutionary Fisker Ocean.

Today, he leads Fisker in reimagining the way we move with the world’s most emotionally charged and highly sustainable vehicles.

Want to change the world? Join us, if you dare. Careers
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