Fisker x Geoff McFetridge

Transforming a Fisker Ocean into a lasting work of art.

Fisker invited renowned artist Geoff McFetridge to create a one-of-a kind art car using a Fisker Ocean’s sculpture as his canvas. The art car was inspired by the historical tension between the analytical left brain and the creative right brain, and also seeking an emotional visual statement about the fearlessness, imagination and vitality designers must bring to their creativity.

About the Artist

Hi, I’m Geoff. Art Is About Having Total Freedom.

Geoff McFetridge is a Canadian artist and designer whose work includes paintings, installations, industrial design, film, and textiles. He has created works for clients including Vans, Patagonia, Amazon, Google, and Apple, and served as art director for Grand Royal magazine. His work in film includes title sequences and computer interface design. McFetridge lives and works in Los Angeles. He is the winner of the 2016 Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian National Design Award. In 2019, he was awarded The AIGA Medal.

About the concept

Left brain thinks. Right brain loves.

Geoff McFetridge uses the vehicle’s symmetry to tell a human story – he creates a human body, with an analytical left brain on one side and a creative right on the other. On the roof, the figure grasps the designer’s pen and engineer’s ruler – the twin bars from the Fisker logo.

“Many people are familiar with the left brain-right brain distinction, I am interested in an art practice where the thinking really ping pongs around the brain. I wanted to create an image that reflected that” McFetridge said. “The symmetry of an auto design is the perfect starting point for an artwork that explores this left and right, engineering and sculpture. The car as a response to an exploration of opposing creative forces"

See how Fisker design, sustainability, and innovation meet to create an emotional EV experience.

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