Fisker App

Connected. Convenient. Control.

Connecting you and your car to everything that moves you.

The My Fisker app is more than an intuitive way to explore and buy a Fisker EV – it is an evolving personal connection to the simple and delightful Fisker experience.   As soon as a Fisker Ocean owner opens the My Fisker app, their smartphone connects to their Ocean, creating a seamless, natural extension of the exciting user experience inside their EV. 

The driver is empowered with connected car features, including Find my Fisker, vehicle lock/unlock, and requesting service. From the first mile to the last mile, drivers can customize in-car experiences and stay connected with Fisker. The My Fisker app evolves as Fisker technology evolves, becoming an even more powerful ownership tool over time.   

New features will be added to the My Fisker App as they become available. Features and functionality will vary based on the trim level selected.