Fisker Ocean Force E - Maximize Adventure

Fisker Ocean Force E

Fisker ocean

Force E

Electric Off-Road.

Maximize Adventure

The Fisker Ocean Force E is a special off-road package developed to maximize adventure in the Fisker Ocean. The Force E package is dynamic and durable, built for a new kind of driving we call Electric Off-Road. 

33-inch tires on 20-inch wheels, special dampers, skid plates, and underbody protection call for big off-road adventures with the torque and power of an EV. This package includes an off-road mode providing vehicle powertrain settings tuned for off-road exploration. Off-road mode will be delivered via over-the-air (OTA) update.

Electric Off-Road

The Force E package can be applied at the time of purchase or retrofitted to an existing Fisker Ocean Extreme, Ocean One, and available for the Ultra trim at a later date. Purchase your Fisker Extreme now so you are ready to receive the Force E package when it arrives in late Q1 2024.